Sunday, August 31, 2008

Viva Italia!

So we arrived back to Italy last Sunday and it has taken me over a week to post a blog. This delinquency has not been due to Jet Lag or Time Zone sleep deprivation... Oh No! I've been spending the last week THANKING as well as promising all my dear friends & Tom's office that I'll never leave Tom alone for that long of a period of time ever again! LOL.... I came home to a house that looked as though it had not been lived in for an awful long time and a refrigerator and freezer that was the emptiest I'd seen in all of our 16 years of marriage... :) It was obvious that Tom missed us and needed us to come home! The girls and I had an uneventful flight back home and the girls started school the very next day. I have to say they've done an exceptional job overcoming jet lag. Maybe it was because of all the hustle and bustle since we've been home with new school routines, soccer, and piano. Whatever the case we're all on the same time zone now!

Tom also surprised me with taking Friday off of work and organizing a sleep over for the girls with our friends the Perdue's. We spent the whole day just catching up and enjoying the absolutely beautiful Italian weather. Viva Italia! It's nice to be back home.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arlington National Cemetery

While in Virginia we took the opportunity to visit the grave sight of a dear friend of ours, Christian Skoglund, who died in a helicopter crash last November. This visit although sad was a much needed moment for both the girls and I. So much happened so quickly after the accident and we were unable to attend the funerals. Visiting the grave sight gave the girls the opportunity to mentally understand as well as physically expressed what they've been feeling over the past year. The Arlington Cemetery was not only a healing experience, but also left us all with an extreme pride/respect for all those who have and are currently willing to sacrificed their lives for us and all the freedoms we receive in the United States of America.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mt. Vernon Museum

This was a cool face of George Washington that seemed to be following you.

Mount Vernon, Virginia

We visite
d the Mount Vernon estate and Mount Vernon gardens while visiting my dear friends, Miguel and Allison Garcia. Here is a little info and a few pictures from our visit. Mount Vernon was the beloved home of George and Martha Washington from the time of their marriage in 1759. Evidence collected by archaeologists is being used to reconstruct the First President's estate, mansion, gardens, and Mount Vernon's closeby gristmill and distillery. Mount Vernon is located on the Potomac River in Virginia, about 8 miles below the southern edge of the Washington DC beltway. So hopefully when we get stationed in DC we can take some of our friends and family as well.

Mansion Inside and Out

Surrounding quarters

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hanging Out With My Girlfriend Allison

I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to hang out with my girlfriend Allison for a few days before we flew back to Italy. I had a blast with you Allison as always! Thank you for sharing your party suite and cabana boy! Love you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to the Future- New Market, VA

On our trip from Virginia to DC we stopped at this cute town and restaurant that looked as if it stepped right out of the 50's or something. The booths were decked out with vintage blue vinyl and mini jukeboxes. The restaurant also had a Old fashion soda counter. It was a serious hoot! I felt as if I stepped back in time like the movie Back to the Future.