Saturday, January 24, 2009

Facebook Phanatics

Hello All!!! I know, I know, I've been super negligent in my blog posts. This has nothing to with not having enough material to blog about or blogger's block... It's purely the fault of a lovely internet invention called facebook... Yes, Yes this is true. The Giles both have a facebook. One of my girlfriends introduced me to it about a month ago. Tom and I have been having so much fun using facebook as a tool to reconnect with some of our long lost friends. Which seems to be the norm when you have spent 18 years traveling the world in the military. I have to say we both love facebook. Tom because he loves the art of communication and myself because I like the quick and speediness of it all. I can pop in and out and see what everybody
else is up to without hanging on the phone or reading lengthy emails. You know me short and to the point... But at times it can also be exhausting trying to keep up with all our friends and family close at hand and far away. So if you would like to see the latest pictures from our Cruise and Holiday Trips look us up on facebook... Don't worry it's not that bad!!! More to come...